Literature ministry

Reaching real people in real places

All of our booklets and digital resources become powerful in the hands of people who are passionate about sharing the gospel and seeing lives transformed.

Our Bible literature is available in dozens of languages, in a range that includes pastoral and evangelistic titles, booklets for teenagers and children, seasonal items, and specialist resources for counselling. Each title is Bible-based, and designed to make God’s Word as clear and accessible as possible to the reader.

Our literature is available free of charge, thanks to the donations of generous supporters. This unique ‘pay-it-forward‘ model has allowed us to resource missionaries, chaplains, evangelists, and churches all around the world, partnering with them to help them share the Scriptures.

If you would like to help provide literature to many such people who are opportunity rich but cash poor, we have a number of new and popular titles waiting to be printed. Please see our current list and pray whether this is something you can help with. Perhaps your church or study group could undertake to fund a title?

Find out how we can resource you in your own mission context