WW1 Active Service St John’s Gospel

WW1 Active Service St John’s Gospel

A replica edition of the Active Service Saint John’s Gospel, re-issued for the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Available for free as a mission resource, or for whatever donation you can afford. For large orders of 300 copies or more please contact us directly on 020 7730 2155. Please note these Gospels come in packs of 10.

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SGM gave away millions of pocket-sized Scriptures during the First World War, to soldiers, prisoners and refugees. We have reissued this war edition of John’s Gospel (NIV) for use in schools, churches and remembrance events. Also available in packs of 100. [96 page booklet, 7.5cm x 11.5cm] For large orders of 300 copies or more, please contact us directly on 020 7730 2155. Please note that £6.00 per pack is just a suggested donation.


All our resources are available free of charge to those who need them – and we especially want to help you share these Gospels in your community. If you have a great mission opportunity, but you can’t make a large donation – please go ahead and order, you can opt out of making a donation during the checkout process. Please call us if you would like to know more.


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164 people have found this resource useful

This little gospel is just marvellous and such a great idea! We will be using it in our Remembrance service later this year.

by Mrs Pam Smith

The Gospels look great and we will use them for the Lord's work.

by Mr Gough

I'm Padre to 6th Battalion The Rifles, an Army Reserve unit in SW England. The past two weeks we've been on exercise in Cyprus and I led a field service for 120 soldiers & officers on Sunday (4th). I spoke about having hope in a hope-less world and was able to talk about your booklets and the hope they gave to WW1 soldiers. And because of your pay-it-forward system, I was able to offer every one of them a copy.So thank you for re-producing them. Current soldiers are still receiving them!

by Gary Birch

What an amazingly evocative gospel – very powerful. Thank you so much for producing this resource!

by Mrs Walker

The best resource I have had the pleasure of using!

by Mr Patterson

Thank you SGM for putting together this resource and making it available to churches like us. We have been really blessed by the generosity of the supporters which meant that we could receive and distribute these Gospels, we would really have struggled to fund this ourselves.

by Rev’d Andy Dodwell

I have got to say a BIG thank you. Everyone thought these little Gospels were wonderful - a real thought provoking, nostalgic but very helpful outreach. 

by Mrs Gooding

Pricing Policy

The amount you see is a suggested donation. Our resources are available free to anyone who needs them, thanks to our generous supporters. If you are unable to cover the cost of your order, you can opt out, or reduce your donation, at the checkout.

The amount you see is the suggested donation value of these resources. 

All our materials are available free to anyone who needs them, thanks to the generosity of our supporters. If you are able to make a donation today, you will be covering the cost of someone else’s order – just as someone has already covered the cost of yours. We call it paying it forward.

You will be able to opt out of making a donation towards the end of the ordering process if you prefer.