Making the Bible click for young people

Making the Bible click for young people

Wake up – grab your mobile phone! That’s how millions of young people start their day. But instead of the latest video clips or celeb gossip, what if young people woke up to the Bible? What a great start to the day!

VerseFirst has become a way to make the Bible’s life words part of the first thoughts in someone’s day, via their mobile phone or tablet. Now a simple – even single – Bible verse becomes a powerful thing. What if you could plant one thought in your mind out of which to live your day? What if that was a reminder of how Jesus calls us to be in the world? Here begins reflective practice – engaging with a thought or teaching, and letting it shape our lives.  

VerseFirst began life with daily single verses, always beautifully illustrated. “Post-literate” generations are primarily visual in the way they think and feel and interact with the world – so the images are not just “extras” – they are an integral part of how young people engage with thoughts and emotion expressed in the text.

We’ve now added in ways to read whole chapter or stories, always asking ‘how can we put this into practice in our lives’? We also feature regular blog posts from young writers on issues such as mental health or social justice. With VerseFirst, we really seek to involve young people’s voices, so that if feels written for them, not at them.

We love the wonderful book of books that is the Bible and we want young people to be excited by it too.

But we can’t keep all this going without your help.

Please will you join us in praying for the impact of VerseFirst, spread the word about VerseFirst to youth workers or young people you know, and if you’re able, please support our current VerseFirst appeal so that we can continue to inspire young people with the Bible.

Thank you!

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By Emma Braund
4 months 4 weeks ago
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