Give in your Will

Make a lasting difference

Leaving a legacy to SGM Lifewords will make a lasting difference, ensuring that future generations will still be able to share the Bible’s life words.

“This gift is to SGM Lifewords from my deceased mother. She and other members of the family have supported this work over many years and, as well as giving financial support, have prayed for the Lord’s blessing to be on this work and all it represents.” - Mr Taylor, UK.

Whether it is a fixed bequest or a portion of your estate, your gift can really make a difference to our work. With legacy income, we can plan ahead to create new Bible resources, translate material and expand our global programmes so that people all over the world can have the tools to help them share the Bible with their communities.


Once your family concerns have been settled, leaving a gift in your will to SGM Lifewords ensures that the work you supported in your life can continue.


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