Christmas 2016

If you were God and you wanted to introduce yourself, how would you do it? That’s how our newly redesigned Expect the Unexpected booklet begins – and we hope it’s a question that will engage children this Christmas, and help you share the amazing story of Jesus’ birth. Order as many as you need using the order button to the right.

Reignite people’s passion for the nativity message this Christmas with these great resources for all ages:

 Sunday School groups
Wondering how to tell your Sunday school groups the story of Christmas in a new and exciting way? Look no further than Expect the Unexpected. It lays out the whole story in a question and answer format the will engage the whole group.

 Children and young people
Meet the Cast and Journey Out of Darkness are innovative ways to get young people excited by the nativity, especially if they are new to it, or need a new way to engage with it.

 A reflective look at the Christmas message
Want to talk about Christmas in a different way this year? Light Up focuses on Jesus being a new light dawning in the world, and how we can be light in our communities. Great for youth groups as well. There are downloadable resources and a film to go with it.

 Church events
Downloadable resources for your church services - assembly plans, service outlines, posters, graphics and PowerPoint presentations, all based around the booklets in our range.

 One to one

Give God With Us or The Christmas story to a friend and share with them what the Bible says about the first Christmas.


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