VerseFirst is an SGM Lifewords initiative that provides young people with a creative platform to explore the Bible – and not just read it, but put it into practice.

With an ever-growing community, VerseFirst now shares Bible content, raw blog posts and unique artwork with more than 20,000 followers online and exists to offer more ways into the Bible, helping young people read more each day. It innovatively connects people with life-transforming words from the Bible, displaying God's love, truth and wisdom which can still be applied to our everyday experiences and situations.

The talking points always offer an invitation, giving a starting place to read and experience the Bible for ourselves. With provocative blog articles and unique posts on social media, there is always a chance to join in, ask questions, get curious and explore the most famous book ever written. 

Please help more young people engage with the Bible's life words through VerseFirst:

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Support VerseFirst and help us give free copies of Little Book of Chaos to 10,000 people who are struggling with the difficult times we can go through in life.

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