Dalila's transformation

Pavement Project has already helped tens of thousands of children around the world. Thank you! But we urgently need to do more. Please will you join us now to offer hope and healing to children in crisis in poor and war-torn countries?

Anybody meeting Dalila today would have no idea that this confident, engaging young woman was once a child at-risk. Before arriving at her current family, she had been in and out of foster care many times, as families struggled to cope with her aggressive behaviour. Each placement and the return to the shelter caused further distress. “When I joined my new family I was often overwhelmed by anger,” she explained, “and I would scream and throw things. But really I was afraid that I would be dumped again”.

At their wits’ end, Dalila’s family sought Pavement Project counselling with Clenir dos Santos and the green bag of Bible resources. “Clenir really helped,” says Dalila. “She told me there were many children around the world who felt like I did, and showed me in the Bible that Jesus loved me. She told me that God hates people to mistreat or abuse children and he is the God who can take away the anger of our heart.

“I asked God to transform my heart and gradually my behaviour began to change. When the counselling finished, I felt like an angel who could go to Jesus. I know the anguish I went through and I don’t want other people to go through the same. That’s why I recommend Pavement Project.”

Through opening the Bible to children like Dalila, Pavement Project has helped tens of thousands of children around the world to realise their value and to put aside their experiences. But many more children are waiting to tell their stories in places of real need. We have partners ready in some of the poorest countries in South and Central America, and in places of conflict and displacement in the Middle East.

Children need the good news that Pavement Project brings. Will you help us step up our response? Will you invest in the next generation of resources to bring hope to many children?