Bookmatch: The book club with a difference

You don’t have to commit to reading anything, there are no meetings to attend, and you don’t even have to go to a bookshop!

My first evangelism with SGM Lifewords material reached many souls in Argentina. 18 people accepted Jesus and are now coming to church. I want to continue doing God’s work and I am counting on your help with outreach material.” Valmir da Luz

Every month, the SGM Lifewords Bible Resources team receives hundreds of similar requests from pastors and evangelists around the world. Like you, we share the conviction of these Christian brothers and sisters that the Bible’s message can utterly change lives. And the truth is that where Bibles are scarce; Bible booklets like ours may be the only Scripture that people possess for themselves.

Join Bookmatch today – and start equipping Christians to share the Bible

Here’s how it works:

By matching the cost of a paperback or hardback book each month, you will enable us to send out a package of SGM Lifewords booklets to help Christians share the Bible elsewhere in the world.

You can join Bookmatch at different levels:

  • Paperback level: £3.50 a month means we can send 20 booklets every month
  • Hardback level: £8.00 a month helps us send almost 50 booklets every month
  • Publisher level: £30 a month will help us send over 2000 booklets each year - that’s more than 2000 ‘life words’ encounters somewhere in the world.
  • Browser level: of course, you can give any amount you wish!

As a thank you for joining Bookmatch, we’d like to offer you a free cotton book bag – for your Bible booklets or your shopping. Set up a direct debit through JustGiving and email us your address to send the bag to.

On behalf of people like Valmir, and those whose lives they impact, thank you!