RISE Bible Clubs

Support a generation rising!

RISE Bible Clubs are helping many young people in Kenya develop life-long habits of learning from the Bible and praying together. Every week, excited groups of students meet to read and discuss the Bible – guided by SGM Lifewords booklets. RISE Bible Clubs give these teenagers a real grounding in faith, prayer and discipleship, and as they are led by a student chosen by the group, they also help teenagers develop leadership skills. 

  • Reach - those who are not-yet Christians are invited in
  • Inspire - young people are discovering the Bible's relevance to their lives
  • Strengthen - teenagers are forming faith-friendships, supporting each other
  • Empower - students are learning

We currently have over 150 Bible clubs running in schools across Kenya, but we'd love to see many more students meeting to share the Bible and live out their faith together. Imagine if every high school had a club!

The opportunity is there - could you help us meet it? Sponsor a new RISE Bible Club today

"There has been an amazing spiritual development among the students - interaction with the Bible has really helped to build their faith in God."

"Students have testified how God has dealt with their past emotional wounds and how he has healed them through his Word. Some have harboured pain and guilt, hatred and low self-esteem, brokenness and anger which they have learnt to give to God. The emotional support received at the groups has eased their burdens – and they now see and experience the evidence of hope for a better tomorrow."

Jeremy Kinyanjui, from Lifewords Africa