TWELVE is a resource for churches that explores the big picture of the Bible, helping you to see it in a new light.

Can you tell the story of the Bible in just 12 Words? Can you explore the whole sweep of the Bible’s great narrative together in just 6 weeks? Is the Bible something we can enter with our heart, imagination, and everyday experience; not just our understanding? With TWELVE the answer is yes! We have a whole range of resources for you to use as a church, a small group, youth group, or a bunch of friends – designed to discover the story of the Bible together as a community.

TWELVE will engage your imagination with the story, and challenge you to look at that story afresh. If you want to get your church excited about engaging with the Bible; if you want to do something other than a group Bible study … TWELVE is something different and creative for you to enjoy.


Start here! Download the 12 Words Challenge, a one-session look at the whole of the Bible. Find your own 12 Words to sum up the Bible’s story.

Download the 12 Words Challenge


You’d be amazed where 12 Words can take you! Download this pack of resources and find stories and ideas from art projects to retreat days, and whole sermon series, all sparked by the 12 Words Challenge. Includes photos of our 12 Words – then it’s over to you to create something for your own.

Download the Beyond 12 Words resource pack

YOU ARE HERE – the six/eight week small group experience

Combined with a version of the 12 Words Challenge to make an eight-week* course, this series gives a read through the Bible, as a group experience. Download the pack to get scripts for each week, read aloud together, and then start “wondering”. There are no set questions, no study guide – just you, the text, and some imagination exercises to get you started. This is a profound way to experience the Bible together – trying to rid ourselves of preconceptions and listening afresh to the story itself. Try it out!  

Download the You Are Here group resource pack

*use without the opening/closing 12 Words sessions for a six-week course